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Wedding Photography Trends

Every season we see new fashion styles and the Pantone colour of the year,

trendy makeup and hair styles, revitalized bridal styles, which make every year exciting.

Generally we have quite a lot of new wedding trends for this year, which I have told you about in my last post.

Also in wedding photography I see a few style trends that have come up already in 2019 and are manifesting in 2020.

Bold and vibrant colours

2019 was all about moody, orange sepia-ish and natural tones. This year is about colour blocking as well as bold vibrant colours. My couples not anymore only desire vinyard romantic but also go for bold graffiti backdrops for their bridal sessions. For which I know quite a few spots in the region.

It is not an easy art form to capture bold and vibrant colours without having them overwhelm the couple. As photographer we have the task to bring just enough colour and boldness into the frame to make it an outstanding image for storybook or wall frame.

Vertical Photos

Vertical photography already become trend in 2019, and gets more defined. Cellphones, Instagram, movements are being captured that move vertically. I have been more of a horizontal oriented photographer but have since a few years seen a slight change in my visual language towards the vertical.


Now we photographers are looking for landscapes that can be captured vertically. Scenes that are captured vertically tell a different story, or that tell the story differently in a more dynamic way.


During the last years more and more of my couples have found me through my work, because they desire candid and natural photographs rather than obviously posed and staged images. The “un-perfect authentic” Instagram style image is part of my style and has now entered wedding photography.

Captured real moments that are authentic and capture the true essence of a couple´s love.




Of course posed images will always be a big part of wedding photography too and they are definitely a lot of fun to create.

Saying this, also candids are being created by creating situations and then let them evolve naturally.

As a very experienced photographer I am focused so I sense moments already before they happen. This way I am ready to click and capture the split second just in the perfect setting and point of view.

Drone Footage

Drone photography offers a point of view that shows the location and the protagonists in a view that reminds me of the movie theatre. Birds perspective is what we all love seeing. As drones have become more accessible and affordable they have become part of wedding photography as well.


Film Photography

As a student I was trained purely with analog photo and film cameras, and know the true basics. During the last years I have curiously watched the comeback of film photography. Yet only a few really go through learning the basics that are necessary to use a film camera. For my wedding work I still shoot with my analog NIKON film cameras on request for some special clients and will continue to do so.

Using a film camera is by far not easy as one has to really understand the technique such as light, shutter speed and aperture. There is no way to immediately control your image. So its just something for technically curious and savvy photographers.

Film photography has its own aesthetic that the high end digital cameras with high resolution do not have. And no filter – as they are being sold to photographers as “make images look like film” filters – will ever be able to imitate the real timeless and magic film image.


Instagram worthy backdrops for Formals

As the photo-booth has become slightly boring during the last season, the latest trend is a photo shoot corner with a background that makes posting on instagram so much fun  either for the fun shots or and also for formals and couple shot. To top it all of, hire a real (second) photographer that takes the photos.


Have an Artist draw or paint guests at the wedding …





The new 20´s will deepen existing trends from the last years and evolve into new creative and visual moods and surely new trends mingle in. I am excited to be part of this.

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